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Miss Coffee County Pageants

Sponsored by Altrusa of New Brockton

Coffee County, AL including the cities of Enterprise, Elba,
New Brockton, Kinston, and Zion Chapel

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2009 Miss Coffee County Queens:
Baby Miss Coffee County:  Jenna Weeks
1st Alternate, Emily Durga
2nd Alternate, Paisley Clark
3rd Alternate, Lilly Bowden
Best Dressed, Jenna Weeks
Teeny Miss Coffee County:  Lillie Roy
1st Alternate, Anna Hanson
2nd Alternate, Gracyn Boswell
3rd Alternate, Kallie Jerkins
Best Dressed, Lillie Ray
Future Little Miss Coffee County, Emily Turner
1st Alternate, Lilly Givens
2nd Alternate, Emma Tice
3rd, Alternate, Haylee Hutchinson
Best Dressed, Lilly Givens
Verbal Communication, Emily Turner
Little Miss Coffee County, Jamie Wehunt
1st Alternate, Hannah Arnold
2nd Alternate, Sidney Stinson
3rd Alternate, Baylee Harrison
Best Dressed, Sidney Stinson
Verbal Communication, Sidney Stinson
Interview, Jamie Wehunt
Written Communication, Hannah Arnold
Spirit of Coffee County, Hannah Arnold
Petite Miss Coffee County, Jaedyn Forehand
1st Alternate, Brayton Martin
2nd Alternate, Paige Hendron
3rd Alternate, Morgan Gallinger
4th Grade Princess, Kinley Jonson
3rd Grade Princess, Cailyn Posey
Best Dressed, Brayton Martin
Verbal Communication, tie between Morgan Gallinger and Jayden Forehand
Pre-Teen Miss Coffee County, Lauren Fleming
1st Alternate, Madison Gallinger
2nd Alternate, Kaelyn Fillingim
3rd Alternate, Ashley Gibson
Best Dressed, Kaelyn Fillingim
Verbal Communicaiton, Lauren Fleming
Teen Miss Coffee County, Payton Edberg
1st Alternate, Justine Snell
2nd Alternate, Dawn Turner
3rd Alternate, Taylor Holmes
Best Dressed, Payton Edberg
Verbal Communication, Payton Edberg
Interview, Payton Edberg
Miss Coffee County, Victoria Luchner
1st Alternate, Nikki Hagler
2nd Alternate, Kayla Tracy
3rd Alternate, Samantha Bryan
Best Dressed, Nikki Hagler
Verbal Communication, Victoria Luchner
Interview, Victoria Luchner
Written Communication, Nikkie Hagler
Spirit of Coffee County, Patrizia Frenda
Southeast Sun:
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Altrusa of New Brockton
Sabrina Reeves